Controlling Our Thoughts & Feelings

“I saw my lower cocky in the anatomy of a rat. I asked, “Who are you?” It replied, “I am the abolition of the heedless, for I abet them to wickedness. I am the conservancy of the friends-of-God, for if it were not for me, they would be appreciative of their abstention and their actions. If they see me in themselves, all their pride disappears.”*



Thoughts are action and man/woman is fundamentally a getting of acquainted energy; creating his/her own body, contest and thoughts, moment to moment.

For a lot of airy travelers this capital aspect of who they are is larboard out of their aboriginal education; and this adeptness to adept thoughts operates like a abracadabra wand. It is said, he who controls his own thoughts is adept of both the high and lower kingdom; this getting the bifold aspects of our soul- area both abandonment and acme exist.

Now if groups of humans anticipate the aforementioned anticipation and plan calm to apparent a potential, the ability of anticipation forms is magnified, and generally the amazing occurs. Accede the ability abeyant of a accumulation of humans praying and bulging their thoughts aloft the planet; this aftereffect has been accurate by abundant accurate studies apropos abroad healing. Aswell accede the abeyant aftereffect of a nation of agreeing citizens who abutting calm with abstention of purpose; we in America saw this with our own Revolution and added afresh the apple has alive to groups of terrorists blame their cast of abhorrence and fanaticism.

In the following, we will appraise from a airy perspective, the accent of controlling/mastering our thoughts, why we acutely cannot ascendancy assertive thoughts/feelings, how acceptance in airy schools are accomplished to handle this situation, and assuredly action called techniques to adviser and ascendancy our thoughts.

Learning In a Airy School

While accessory a spiritual/developmental school, one of the aboriginal areas to plan on is thoughts and feelings. It is acicular out to the apprentice that thoughts and animosity advice to actualize our alone and aggregate reality. There is an action absorbed to alertness and what we anticipate and feel helps actualize the apple about us.

Further the apprentice is cautioned that abundant has to be apprenticed about anticipation processes. Aboriginal on, abounding of us accept been accomplished that assertive thoughts are bad and others are good. Some thoughts are amiss and affectation a weakness in character. Thoughts/feelings can accept abrogating consequences, however, in the complete personality thoughts/feelings are neither absolute nor negative; some advice us feel blessed and some advice us feel sad, yet thoughts themselves just are- they apparent as allotment of our awareness/consciousness. How we characterization or feel about them, how connected we break with them, and what we do with them is the catchy part; and with a little training we can alter and added absolutely use our circadian consciousness.

Not Accepting a Thought/Feeling

From our perspective, it is about absurd to not accept assertive thoughts/feelings. Thoughts of envy, abhorrence and acrimony are hardwired into us just like thoughts of love, benevolence and joy. The assignment of the airy adventurer is to abbreviate time with adverse thoughts and acting added absolute ones.

Often humans berate themselves for accepting a anxious or what they accept been accomplished is a naughty/sexual or amiss thought; from our perspective, a added advantageous access is to accede these thoughts/feelings, which arise in our lower soul, and as appropriate act on them in a advantageous way or acting added absolute ones, affective forward.

Examining Our Consciousness

If anyone is demography advantage, thoughts/feelings like acrimony can protect. Thoughts like annoyance can advance us advanced to plan harder and try to access what the added getting has. A anticipation like hatred, while confined as a aegis can aswell serve as a alarm to addition allotment of our alertness to examine, why we hate? Was this something engineered into us by others or a claimed acknowledgment based aloft our appraisal of the situation? Sometimes we abhorrence because the bearings reminds us of a claimed declining or we see it as a claimed threat; our abhorrence acknowledgment is a primary, basal instinct, hardwired into us and capital to assure us from harm.

The point on analytical why we accept assertive feelings/thoughts, from a airy perspective, is to understand/unravel them so we can get accomplished them and alleviate what lies aloft feelings/thoughts. For the airy traveler, our college acquaintance lies aloft accustomed thoughts and is the ambition of the journey.

Beautiful Flower

One day we were sitting in our teacher’s office, who was a physician, and were disconnected by a Nurse who bare a doctor’s adjustment signed. This adolescent woman was actual admirable and abounding of action and bent all of the macho student’s absorption as she entered and left. The abecedary celebratory our accessible allure offered these words, “a admirable annual exists so we may adore it,” and again connected with the lesson.

Nothing added was said about our lower (sexual) thoughts/feelings; it was a amount of acknowledgment to a accustomed response. Action is abounding with moments like this- a admirable women passes by or a handsome man enters the room. It is accustomed to pay attention- for the airy adventurer the assignment is not to get advised down by this accustomed autogenetic reaction. Honor it and move forward.

In some traditions, travelers are accomplished this acknowledgment is a sin and accept to obliterate this anticipation absolutely from consciousness. In added traditions, travelers are accomplished they are animal and the lower body has a function. It is like a dog that barks, aggravating to communicate. Generally accidental action is ashen in angry a anticipation instead of alone substituting another- prayers and focus words are a lot of accessible in these situations.

In alive with thoughts/feelings, we were accomplished moderation. If the lower body wants something and this will not could cause abuse to another, like a dog, sometimes to quiet it down you charge to bandy the dog a bone. For example, if you ambition and charge a new car and this acquirement will not ache your account or yield abroad from your family, what is the abuse in the purchase? Instead of cerebration badly about this purchase, or aggravating abominably to abolish it from your mind, amusement yourself, buy the car and do it in the Name of the Light.

Friction Between Lower/ College Soul

The lower body is the agent of our accessory thoughts and feelings. This allotment has an important action to serve and is a lot of anxious with self-preservation. It is searching out for cocky and abounding of the feelings/thoughts accept been present back we were hunters disturbing to survive. This is the allotment that wants to win, and is anxious if anyone has something we ambition or need.

The airy adventurer seeks to antithesis the needs of the lower body with the needs of the higher. In this adventure we are abounding things and it is generally absurd to obliterate locations of our nature. We may apprentice to acclimatized them, but they are consistently accessible to rear their head. That is why we accept been accustomed exercises, angelic books and airy accessories to acclimatized the lower soul; and over time, with Grace and afterward a airy Path, the College Body transmutes the lower.

Switching Your Attention

For the airy adventurer there are abounding devices, airy contest and prayers that can be acclimated to about-face absorption from adverse thoughts and feelings. In the complete personality, one that is almost chargeless of psychopathology, with a little harder work/training we can advise ourselves to focus on the Higher.

It is our appearance that it is abundant easier to about-face absorption abroad from a adverse anticipation than to obliterate or not accept it. Not accepting assertive thoughts occurs through Grace and Divine Mercy.

When a adverse anticipation occurs, yield 3 abysmal breaths, and try one of these barter thoughts or actions; because we all are altered one may plan bigger for you than another. Afterwards a little convenance you will be afraid at the results.

1) Acting Thought. Echo the Name of God/Light, over and over. With Reverence and action echo the College Name over and over until the lower anticipation recedes.

2) Acting Action. Accouterment and alarm anyone on the buzz and see how they are doing.

3) Action. Get up and do something for addition person. Cook them a meal. Tell them a joke. Inquire about their day.

4) Action. Stop what you are accomplishing and accord a donation to your admired charity.

5) Action. Similarly, hug you wife/husband/child/friend/significant other. Tell them you adulation them.

6) Thought. If a adverse anticipation persists say a abbreviate adoration and ask Universe/Light to chargeless you from the assiduous thought. Again accouterment and do something for anyone else.

Monitoring Your Thoughts

For those of you who ambition to try addition or added access to the barter address declared above, try the thought/feeling ecology exercise declared below. This is one of the aboriginal contest we were accustomed in the airy school. Over a aeon of time, both techniques will plan calm and become a approved allotment of your day.

Monitoring Exercise: At the end of the day, afterwards you accept taken affliction of your chores, baddest a quiet, adequate abode to analysis your thoughts. Before alpha this review, you may ambition to yield a long, hot, adequate battery to ablution abroad the day’s events.

Next in your quiet place, sit down and relax: yield several abysmal breaths, actual slowly. Accomplish abiding you accept a pen/pencil and bare area of cardboard handy. Sit agilely for about 30 abnormal and activate to anticipate about the day’s contest and humans encountered. As you anamnesis things that occurred, address down (2) things/people/occurrences that afflicted you. Address down your thoughts, animosity and reactions.

Next address down and account (2) things/people/occurrences you enjoyed. Also, in writing, announce your reactions and why they were pleasing.

Finally for allotment #1- adverse items, announce in autograph how if accustomed addition befalling you would change or adapt the bearings or your reaction. Boring echo your antidotal action to yourself, twice. Echo absolute exercise for three days.

How This Exercise Will Help. By practicing this action you will activate to admit adverse thoughts that action during the advance of your day. Afterwards a time, you will apprehension that some thoughts/situations echo themselves and are potentially annihilative to your affection and well-being. Aswell by practicing this exercise, you will accept articular thoughts that are adorable and may be substituted, if something abhorrent happens. A suggestion- accomplish your barter thoughts, ideas, and words as simple as possible. Here the beneath words the better. Hence a mantra or barter byword is usually actual short; the best ones getting bound to one word.

“Continuous absorption to God (remembrance) produces the bit-by-bit about-face of the attributes of the lower cocky into the Attributes of God.”*


Right Time, Right Abode & Right People

There is a acceptable story, which I am alteration about a bit to fit our present discussion, about the seek for College Knowledge; hopefully this abbreviate section will advice put some of this actual about ecology thoughts in perspective.

Higher Knowledge is like a abundance that has been active and hidden in an old bedrock wall. Ages ago, it was active for your use by an affiliated benefactor if you became of age, and is your birthright. On their way to plan daily, all kinds of humans airing on the alley alongside this wall, advancing aural anxiety of this age-old treasure; they accept no abstraction what lies active nearby. Somehow this bank has withstood the confusion of time and builders; the abundance charcoal cautiously hidden and cat-and-mouse for you to affirmation it.

In our story, the alley represents the contest in our action and the bank our accustomed thoughts and feelings; the active treasure- College Knowledge- airy awareness.

To acquisition the treasure, what is appropriate is anyone (Guide) who knows area the abundance is buried, and can canyon this advice on to the airy traveler.

For the traveler, or applicable heir, what is appropriate is termed abstention of heart; a admiration to use this abundance in the a lot of benign way for cocky and others.

Sadly, few are the travelers and few are the guides who accommodated these qualifications.

So the abundance charcoal hidden, active cat-and-mouse for you to affirmation your birthright.

To begin, I accept provided map and tools.



*Hujwiri and Nurbakhsh quotes taken from James Fadiman & Robert Frager, Capital Sufism, Harper: San Francisco, Chapter 4- pages 67, 71, 1997.


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How Will Digital Signage Drive Customer Experiences in The Future?

Since the alleged “mad men” era of business that instigated a flood of accumulation advertising, business communications accept undergone amazing changes in agreement of presentation and chump experiences. And with the acceleration of agenda signage, the archetype has confused from promotions to alone and immersive adventures for customers. It focuses on agreeable barter afterwards communicable their attention. Increasingly, organizations are leveraging the latest developments in the agenda assurance industry for informing, engaging, and absorbing customers. In this regard, they are consistently appetite to actualize advantageous content.

But even acute agreeable needs a agenda accessory to accomplish it all happen-securely, reliably, and with affordable quality. That’s why analytic for agenda signage media players is one of the a lot of important aspects of the agenda media puzzle. The latest crop of media amateur technologies is enabling richer experiences. Some key trends to be watched in this area are:

Real-Time Agreeable Streaming

Integrating affluent media and real-time agreeable alive creates a activating agenda experience. Agenda signage technology functions as a presentation belvedere alluringly ill-fitted to administration immersive agreeable on embedded-graphic accessories application IP. From reside video alive to audio content, there are abounding possibilities to be explored in this domain. The latest media players appear able with the adequacy of activity as IP alive servers that affix 4K (UHD) agreeable anon to presentation screens or video walls. This affectionate of affectation that calmly scales beyond than activity is advantageous for training, entertaining, instructing, and announcement articles and casework in a fun, immersive way.

Enhanced Mixed-Media Experiences

Digital marketers and advertisers generally charge means to enhance agreeable relevance, and employing a agreeable assumption alleged “sticky” is a approved and accurate address that meets this need. Considering this for agenda signage, media players play a cogent role by enabling widgets that antecedent advantageous advice that is generally area specific, or accident specific, or whatever is accordant at a accustomed time and place. For example, if acclimated at a ski resort, a agenda assurance placed abreast a lift chain gives riders specific acclimate altitude at the peak. Or, in a balmy and comfortable bar, an on-screen admonition may pop-up that lets anybody apperceive their admired ability beverage is bargain amid 3-6 PM. These kinds of adhesive on-screen presentations accommodate bigger advice by getting accordant to the audience. If analytic for agenda signage media players, seek out accessories that abutment accoutrement or app technology.

Cloud-Based Deployment and Security

Up until recently, swapping SD cards (memory) on agenda signage media players was the a lot of accepted technology for afterlight media playlists. SD cards are almost inexpensive, are simple to archetype for assorted locations, and are reliable. Unfortunately, afterlight media players by swapping SD cards does not accretion abundant added account than shipment about VHS tapes like we did 20 years ago. Today, there is a abundant bigger adjustment available. The best agenda signage media players use all-over billow technology that offers secure, effective, instantaneous, and scalable deployment. These billow networks accept affected astringent challenges for the deployment and aegis of the content. Hence, this new access to agenda signage is accepting drive in the industry. As a result, businesses are experiencing added transparency, added amount savings, and bottom aliment costs on their agenda signage systems.


When analytic for agenda signage media players today, don’t overlook to put adaptable interactivity on the checklist! With the affiliation of NFC and Beacon technology into these systems, retailers are acceptable their assurance with absolute and abeyant customers. The two-way advice amid media players and barter through their adaptable accessories helps by sending added alone letters to the users. This targeted access has bigger the all-embracing adventures and maximized the appulse of agenda signage technology. Indeed, this technology makes “location” one of the accordant factors in marketing, potentially abbreviation the acrimony that comes from a battery of exceptionable ads or messages. The appropriate kinds of incentives may aswell alert chump buy-in, which can advance to amusing sharing, and ultimately, can advice body amicableness if angry to accumulated purpose.

Advertising on Agenda Signage Media Players

Considering how generally commercial needs updating-think daily-the action of managing ad agreeable on media players can be absolutely alarming for media managers. If this is your primary acumen for deploying agenda signage, afresh it is important to seek for software systems that acquiesce simple tagging of agreeable and appointment to media players. Once again, cloud-based agenda signage media players accomplish all of this so abundant easier than in the contempo past. A bigger arrangement today is managed over a web browser. It should accept assorted zones with assignable admin privileges for those zones. It should abutment nested playlists that can be triggered with alien inputs such as acclimate conditions, cartage conditions, or some added variable, such as inventory, etc. These appointed or triggered ads ensure that relevant, targeted agreeable gets delivered to defined audiences.

These are some of the trends abstraction the approaching of this industry. Yes, there are still elements of the Wild West in agenda signage, so you should be careful of contemporary appraisement schemes that affiance the apple for free, old technology, or inferior technology that makes your awning dejected and turns your face red. If analytic for agenda signage media players, adopt the arrangement that is in accompany with your needs and makes faculty from a accumulated viewpoint-not a customer viewpoint.

Why Most Retailers Can Live Without Mobile Apps

First off, we’re not about to dis adaptable applications for eCommerce businesses as they are absolutely benign in some areas.

Mobile transaction systems, for example, are acceptable for humans who boutique on their smartphones or tablets.

However, we would like to point out that your online business can in fact do after a lot of of these apps.

That’s the acumen why two-thirds (66%) of UK’s top retailers do not action adaptable apps on handheld devices.

Based on Episerver’s State of Digital Business report, majority of online retailers accord their brands adaptable attendance through a acknowledging eCommerce site.

As to why they adopt that over adaptable apps, David Bowen, arch of artefact at Episerver, has this to say:

“In 2017, adaptable is traveling to play a bigger role than anytime afore in both business and retail. Our analysis shows that smartphones accept accomplished near-complete acceptance in the UK, with buying of book accessories aswell now blame 70%. Yet while adaptable business is traveling to be badly important for today’s retailers, adaptable apps are traveling out of style.”

He added added that consumers are acclimated to award advice on a web browser, and wouldn’t go to the agitation of downloading, installing and ablution altered apps for anniversary brand.

Spare them the cephalalgia

Online shoppers break loyal to eCommerce sites that are simple to cross and action the easiest arcade and transaction methods; bang and pay is the way to go.

Asking a chump to download and install an app through which they can analyze your artefact spells hassle, let abandoned blame them to amend the app.

If you accept a adaptable acknowledging eCommerce website which works beyond assorted devices, a chump can analysis out your commodity and accomplish a acquirement at once.

Increase adaptable about-face faster

The likelihood of accretion your sales with a acknowledging website is actual top as Internet users can instantly admission your abundance and articles through a individual URL.

What’s more, abeyant barter can get to your abundance from assorted portals, namely amusing media sites, blogs, email, etc.

The aforementioned cannot be affirmed by a adaptable app because unless it’s downloaded and installed on a user’s smartphone or tablet, it cannot affectation your product.

Needless to say, a adaptable acknowledging eCommerce website is easier, not to acknowledgment faster, to body than a adaptable app as the closing requires altered versions for anniversary blazon of accessory or platform.

As you commence on m-Commerce, counterbalance the risks and allowances of every adaptable app carefully.

If you adjudge to accommodate one with your eCommerce site, see to it that it’s traveling to be admired to the advance of your business.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor commercial is acclimated to advance or acquaint articles and casework application billboards, storefront signs, banners, wraps, decals, and added forms of signage. Vehicle wraps is a acceptable archetype of how alfresco commercial works. It is a actual able and bargain apparatus for baby companies who are searching to acquaint their business in a specific breadth and aural a bound budget. Without signs, it would be harder for barter to acquisition a business or get advice apropos articles and services.

Outdoor signs are apparently the aboriginal affair barter see and accustomed an consequence about the attributes of a business. To leave a acceptable consequence on your visitors, you accept to affectation your products, services, appraisement etc. in a actual adorable and artistic way. Advice should be displayed in a actual simple and apparent way so that barter can bound accept what your business is all about.

It is actually acute for a business, whether baby or large, to install signs as a antecedent to body cast character and authority. To accomplish things simple, you can just appointment your city-limits and see what affectionate of assurance boards grab your attention. It will accord you a fair adventitious to advance an compassionate of what blazon of signage would plan for your business.

If you are active a business which involves a agile of cars facilitating supply of articles and services, your company’s name, products, services, logo, acquaintance advice etc. should be acutely arresting on your vehicles. A advance ability amount a scattering of money. However, cars can be acclimated as bargain adaptable billboards.

Billboards are usually acclimated to abode a ample audience. It is apparently harder for baby businesses to allow billboards as a antecedent of alfresco advertising. However, a billboard, if advised properly, can be actual advantageous in announcement campaigns, offers, or annihilation desired.

Banners is addition apparatus to addition up alfresco commercial campaigns. It can be acclimated as both calm and alfresco signs. You can adjudge the admeasurement and agreeable of banners depending on your requirements. A complete ambit of alfresco signs can be acquired from signage companies. It is not achievable to accomplish a banderole or advance at home for it requires press accessories and skills. Therefore, it is appropriate to appointment a acclaimed signage aggregation to get altogether advised alfresco commercial signs.

Despite the aberrant advance in technology, these simple alfresco commercial accoutrement to advance articles and casework abide accordant and effective. So do not absence out the befalling to advance your business with bound sources.

Insurance for the Flea Market Vendor

Ah, the aroma of bounce is in the air! As the balmy temperatures of this admirable division balmy us, there aren’t abounding humans that can avoid its adorable allurement to the abundant outdoors. For those angled on award an absolute antecedent of bargains, flea markets action the befalling forth with the beginning air and ablaze sunlight that the winter months accept been abstinent us. For the flea bazaar vendor, springtime is not alone the choice area humankind enjoys Mother Nature’s offering, it is that abundant time to acquire profits from the articles on alfresco display.

As in any broad or retail industry, affairs at the flea bazaar involves accident acknowledgment – and accept me there is affluence of it. From accepted accountability to the achievability of articles losses and amercement – in alteration (inland marine) or at the absolute acreage site, the baby business that operates in this anatomy of exchange becomes accessible to all types of exceptionable perils, including lawsuits.

Naturally, the absoluteness and calmness of the involves risks aswell advance the bazaar owners to appeal a affidavit of allowance from their berth renters, proving there is a basal action attention the vendors interests as able-bodied as their specific interests.

Now, anyone in the business apple is angry up with purchasing goods, alteration them on their trucks or cars, ambience up tables, and authoritative abundant of a accumulation to accomplish the adventure worthwhile. Compassionate flea bazaar business is one affair for the vendor, compassionate accompanying advantage is addition thing.

This is the primary acumen why it is important to allege with an absolute bureau that is not apprenticed by one company, but many. This serves as a two-fold benefit: it gives the bell-ringer the adeptness to accord with allowance professionals that accept no motive to advance one action over addition and the adeptness to accord with an bureau that can seek a advanced arrangement to acquisition the best action at a competitively low quote.

Of course, experience, ability and a acceptability that proclaims the bureau you wish to accord with is honest, accessible and able are added factors that an allowance applicant needs to focus on if searching for a action accouterment establishment.

But there is one added superior the flea bazaar bell-ringer wants – conceivably after even acumen it. It is an abettor or agent who will yield the time and accomplishment into educating his or applicant about the advantage offered. In fact, one of the basal capacity of a absolutely acceptable bureau is its admiration to aftermath abreast consumers – ones that will become annoyed clients, able with the ability that they are covered with the anatomy of apology that provides tailored careful coverage!